Granite Ridge

Granite Ridge is home to Granite Ridge Hero College. The Granite Ridge Hero College attracts future prospects from around Arda. Granite Ridge has it’s own government, the Granite Ridge Counsel. Though, at this time, it is highly suspected that Headmaster Grakul runs the counsel.

Granite Ridge has an inflated economy due to the massive amounts of coin that new adventurers bring in. Everyone in the town has grown accustomed to new adventurers seeking jobs and/or quests. While this leads to higher prices in Granite Ridge for goods, the services portion of the market has dropped. There are so many new adventurers willing to work for very little coin that all the veteran adventurers have moved on to cities closer to the wall.

Granite Ridge has a good deal of vendors that are highly skilled and work for fairly cheap. The center of town is the business district. Surrounding the business district is the housing district.

Granite Ridge offers a variety of businesses.

Granite Ridge

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